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Appropriate vs. Inappropriate language

The online space is a great way to express ourselves online. However, we must keep in mind the language we use as some language can be harmful to some who identify as LGBTIQA+. It is important to be mindful that your social media bio or indirect messages are not hurtful or invasive.

Avoid intrusive questions

Sending messages that ask about someone’s gender identity, sexual orientation, cultural background and/or how their body looks can be quite confronting. Each individual is on their own path to discovery and deserve interactions without assumptions about who they are.
Relationships are often not formed on asking intrusive questions and often times these remarks leave a negative taste in people’s mouths and affect their well being.

“I often get messages from cis men who were only interested in me because I’m trans and they like to make a fetish out of who I am. “

“These men often ask invasive and inappropriate questions about my body and whether or not I’ve “actually” transitioned. People also ghost me or stop talking to me when they find out I’m trans. That’s why I prefer to meet people offline and in person rather than use dating apps.”


“I often receive messages with compliments about my “exotic looks” or “oriental beauty.”

My grandma is Thai but my mum and I were born here. I get A LOT of messages oversexualising me or asking when I came here and if I can speak English. Some people even go as far as to ask if I would be interested in role-playing racial stereotypes. It’s really gross and demoralising to me.”